Amiga 2000

13/20 (c) 1986 Commodore Amiga 2000. Rev. 4.

14/20 Before reassembly.

15/20 CPU-expansion card in place.

16/20 Supra harddisk-controller and Quantum harddisk mounted.

17/20 PC Emulator back in.

18/20 Supra internal modem in place.

19/20 Finally the closed box (I forgot to take a picture after I inserted the WD-harddisk-controller). The 5 1/4" floppydrive is connected to the PC Emulator card.

20/20 Nice, although quite PC-y, keyboard. Notice the room to each side of the space-bar, and around the arrow keys. Also note the F1-F10 row looking rather short (my Apple keyboard has up to F16!) The 'Del'-key is quite large, and so is 'Help'! Apple still has 'Help'-keys on their keyboards.

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