Irene TV screenshots

1/15 My main desktop - shows calendar and media-player, plus icons for contacts, phone, email and IM/sms.

2/15 My right desktop - shortcuts to media-player, notetaker and a link to the webpage controlling my jukebox.

3/15 My left desktop - forecast for Copenhagen and links to DMI.

4/15 Tapping the information-bar with batteri and network information brings up this menu, where you can connect to the net, turn bluetooth on, set status, profile and clock.

5/15 The contacts integrate nicely with instant messaging.

6/15 When you tap the upper-left corner on a desktop, you get an overview of your running applications - here: email, a IM window, the IM/sms overview window, and an IM-window with a notification.

7/15 email folders for the koldfront-account.

8/15 IM window, typing a long enough message to line-wrap...

9/15 The conversations app. keeps a list of the contacts you have recently IM'ed/sms'ed with, and allows you to start a new conversation.

10/15 Phone interface, with recent callers list.

11/15 Week view of the calendar. I haven't figured out how I can sync it yet.

12/15 The first page of the application list.

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